Our team of skilled and experienced consultants can be a valuable resource to help guide your nonprofit on your journey toward success. We build on your organization’s strengths, identify the weakness, and provide customized solutions for effective results. FlowSBA works closely with key staff and board members to identify and address any challenges while designing customized strategies to help you achieve your mission goals and objectives.

Why Hire A Consultant For Your Non-Profit?

Our consultant's primary role is to assist your organization with certain areas of your work.


While the consultant may act as an advisor, resource, or a facilitator, the leadership of the process remains within your organization. 

There are generally three categories of work for which you may want to hire the services of a consultant or a consulting team:


1. Overall Guidance: The consultant works with organization as needed to provide customized solutions while helping plan, develop and execute as needed the initiative and acts as a meeting or process facilitator. 

2. Information Gathering: The consultant designs and gathers data during the information-gathering phase. Consultants can be particularly useful in collecting qualitative data through interviews and focus groups, since their neutral position with the organization can lead to more honest responses from internal and external stakeholders.


3. Training: The consultant conducts trainings to create a more inclusive culture and help stakeholders become more aware of how the organization may be creating an unwelcome atmosphere for diverse communities.

What We Offer

Flow SBA’s non- profit consulting services are delivered through carefully designed customized engagements to accomplish organizational and program-oriented objectives including


Organizational assessment: Facilitates a process to identify what is working well and any barriers to effectiveness.

Strategic planning: Consultants work to bring key staff and board members together to plan and take action on achieving your organizational goals.

Human Resources Consultation: Our consultants can help recruit, train and manage one of your nonprofits largest your greatest resources, your staff. We can support staff effectiveness and help protect organizations by ensuring compliance with a host of employment regulations. We can work with your organization to set up and maintain HR systems that are aligned with organizational values. Our human resources consultants can also provide a range services including: 

  •  Job description development and redesign 

  •    Employee relations and supervisor coaching and consultation


 Leadership Coaching: We can enhance the effectiveness of your leadership teams through improved collaboration and decision making offers nonprofit professionals management and leadership training and learning opportunities that are designed to facilitate critical skill building 

· Whether you work with a consultant to manage the entire process. 

· The extent to which you utilize consultants to gather data for the information gathering process. 

· The types of resources you employ to gather data during the information-gathering phase.

Other Non-Profit Services Include:

· Program design and evaluation

· Meeting facilitation 

· Board development, fund development

Fees for Services

Hiring a consultant can be one of the key elements to your nonprofit’s success……….. The cost will depend upon your organization's needs. Whether you decide to do it all yourself or work with a consultant to manage some or the entire process.


Fees for consultants vary widely and depend in part on where your organization is located as well as the number of consultants involved, the work performed, and the contract negotiated. Fees can be project-based or figured at an hourly rate. An average fee for smaller sized nonprofit consultation services is $50/hr and up.

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