Startup Business Development

We enjoy helping startup business owners research the market and develop a cohesive strategic business plan. We develop the value proposition, pitch, business case and model. We make connections, build relationships, and drive the plans forward. We also assist with coaching, staffing and training.

Management Consulting

Flow Synergy Business Alliance helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build a solid managerial foundation from which the rest of their business can expand and grow. We are able to construct organizational development blueprints for businesses.

Market Planning

Deciding how to present an innovative idea to the market is critical. We have expertise in turning that idea into a successful business venture. Our market planning services help small business founders determine the best ways to convey their message for their companies through both market and competitive analysis.

Communication Services

Flow Synergy Business Alliance creates marketing/sales collateral, websites, business cards, and other business materials when needed by our clients.

We assist entrepreneurs and business owners in defining their business plans to turn concept to reality.  Not only that, but we will assist in creating concrete marketing material to promote their original ideas.

We will meet with clients to identify and establish goals and expectations in order to align your needs with your goals.

Consulting Process

Pre-consulting: Prior to beginning work, we set the terms, parameters, and agree on the “consulting agreement.”

Consulting period: The consulting period typically includes a discover, research, and final presentation of recommendations that completes the project.

Post-consulting: You and the consultant may choose to extend your agreement or move towards implementation on your own.

Consulting Agreements/Contracts

Contracts are typically for 3-6 months, with the option to renew the contract as necessary. Setting the optimal time period for your project is important to ensure your consultant has enough time to provide results, and it is also helps to ensure a timely progress.

A typical consulting contract includes consulting parameters, names of the responsible parties, payment schedules, and any relevant deliverables and deadlines.


Flow Synergy Business Alliance


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